Saturday, July 11, 2009

Enter a new dimension with your scrapping.

So, we currently have this "Think Outside the Box" challenge for Lil' Lamb's Boutique and I started thinking more about how I made my layout below. I thought I'd show you the original photo, a quickly photoshopped layout using the original photo and then the finished layout. You can see a huge difference.

Oftentimes, so much background clutter can really compete with the subjects of your photos. At the very least, it might preclude you from using a particular photo, because it does not match the theme of your layout.

Here is the original photo: We have toddler toys in the background, furniture and part of Daddy. This picture doesn't scream meadows full of flowers to me, but I do love the picture because I think it's so cute of the girls. So how do I scrap this?

Well, I could stick to my plan and force the photo into my theme and add flourishes and flowers to take out some of the background clutter. (Do forgive the photoshopped version of this below. I'm definitely not an expert, as you can see). But here, it now seems the focus is on the embellishments, instead of the photo.

However now, after carefully cutting the subjects out of my photo, a whole new world of possibilities opened up. My girls could be anywhere, in any theme I want. There is no extraneous clutter competeing with the rest of my layout.

So, next time you're going through your photo box and you keep passing those same unscrappable photos by....stop and might just be able to cut them into new ideas. Try it and let us see those layouts.

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