Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween my fellow readers.  I woke up this morning with sleepy eyes and a numb thumb and forefinger which makes for interesting typing.  Yesterday was pumpkin carving day at our house.  We love to carve and usually end up buying way too many pumpkins each year.  I thought you'd enjoy our selection for this year.

Having 2 young kiddos, we are big on the Dreamworks/Pixar/Disney deal here.  So a montage of this year's character winners in our house.

Current favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon.  Toothless is just plain adorable and how could you not like Hiccup.

Next up: Monsters vs. Aliens   It's such a hard choice between the characters because we love them all but B.O.B. is highlarious.  Next year, we may have to do Dr. Cockroach...because his Mwah ha ha cackle is just perfect for Halloween.

But so far, our all time house favorite is Ice Age 3 and the one oft most quoted.  It was the original intention of this carver to do Buck, but he was too many shades of white to work well in Pumpkin least for my current set of skills.  So we have our second favorite...Scrat aka Crazy Squirrel.

Next up, my dear daughters' pumpkins.  They got to pick their pattern choice this year and this is what they came up with.

Conversation with my youngest:
Me: So, you're picking a Spooooky Ghost.
Youngest: No Mom, he's a friendly ghost.  See, he's smiling!

Oldest: Not quite sure yet why she picked a skull but it's the one she wanted.  So here it is.

And finally, I was going to attempt another Twilight themed pumpkin this year.  But my plans were thwarted when one of my friends was trying to guess what my How To Train Your Dragon pumpkin was and she guessed, in jest I hope, Jon Bon Jovi.  LOL  Um....No.  So I decided in honor of her to do one JBJ just for her.  Enjoy!!

Hopefully, I'll get some Halloween layouts up soon!!  Be safe tonight and please watch out for the kiddos!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Babies are brewing in a Tea for Two Baby Shower

What a fun yet busy weekend.  I was a shared hostess of a double baby shower.  And truly this was unlike any other shower I've been too.  When it involves my Diva Buddies, whom I've scrapped about before on here, then you know it's going to be a good time.

To start off with, my friend Jeannine is a world class decorator.  Here are some of the Martha Stewart-y decorations she and her sister came up with.

Some blinged out pumpkins for the coming babies.

I made a set of teapots for the a guest drawing.  Brown and pink for the girl team and brown and blue for the boy team.  More details on the teapots/teacups below.

Each Mommy-to-be received a baby buggy for their baby rooms at home.

We had a Onesie Decorating Station for the guests to make for the babies.  Here are two I made for them.

And the greatest station at the baby shower.  The Cara-tini and Tina-tini stations.  Ha ha ha.  The Mommies-to-be couldn't join in but all the guests were able to toast to the coming bundles of joy.  

Truly, it was great fun and I had a wonderful time helping with the decorations.  Below is a closer look at what I made.

The Pink buggy was made using the DCWV Luxury Stack.  The borders are Martha Stewart border punches.  The buggy template is from My Time Made Easy.  The Brown/Blue buggy was made using the DCWV Linen Stack.

The teapots were also made using the same DCWV stacks.  Both teapots, cups and phrases were all from My Time Made Easy.

The flower design is Tim Holtz's Grunge Flower technique that I used with paper instead of grunge board.  I also used his Alterations Flower Sizzix die .

The cups, designs and phrases are digital elements from My Time Made Easy.  I colored the cups with Copic Markers.  After completing the cup, I traced a second cup on paper, glued only the edges to the Colored cup and inserted a Gift Card in the slot at the top.  They made great gift card holders for the Guest prizes.

So that's what I did this weekend.  How about you?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birds of a Feather.....

I cannot begin to tell you how much my girls make me laugh.  And it's a good thing, because it certainly helps them out big time when they're supposed to be in trouble.  Anyway, this day below, was their 2nd visit to the dentist's office.  Thankfully, their first visit was incredibly fun and they don't have irrational fears of dentists like my husband someone I won't mention.  Now, a quick background point for all my readers:  My husband is a musician and as we all know, musicians usually beat to a different drum.  Often times their sense of fashion goes hand in hand with their creative musical flair.  So, I must submit, that my two daughters incredible sense of fashion comes from their Daddy. ; )

Isn't this how EVERYONE dresses up to go to the dentist?  Do notice that my youngest carries a penguin in her purse instead of the requisite yippy dog.  THAT, she got from me and it makes me proud.  So looking at how my two birds of a feather flock together...I now know that I have years of interesting outfits and fun times to look forward too.

Now on to the deets. I picked up the Cosmo Cricket Togetherness Deluxe Kit, from Lil' Lambs Boutique for this one.  It is a very whimsical line with birds, butterflies, clouds and kites.  I used all paper for this layout and will use the embellies, Glimmer Mist and Flocking Powder for my next project....coming up soon. 

The edges all have faux stitching inspired by one of my favorite scrappers, Mireille.  The look is quick and easy. First, punch holes around the edge of your piecing with a hole piercer.  Second, with a black marker, run around the edges of your piecing over top of the punched holes. Third, use a white marker (Sharpie Fine Point used here) to draw tiny white lines in between the punched holes.  And there you go, easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Happy Fall favorite season of the year!!!