Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wish I was there right now...

Rough week here at Camp Gramling.  My youngest has been sick all week with a bacterial infection and I think we're all pretty much over doctors, bad tasting medicine, blood tests, ER rooms and stomach pains.  I'm ready for a tropical getaway.  When I was able to get my youngest to sleep, I would slip into my craft room and dive into the Paradise collection from Bo Bunny.   Frankly, it was quite soothing just to sit and look at the papers untouched...but then time stops for no one.

We tend to vacation in Spring and Fall, up in the mountains typically and it's not exactly beach weather then.  So, I really don't have any tropical, beachy pictures unless I go way back to when my oldest was 9 months, so be on the lookout for that in the coming week. Ha ha.  But my parents did go out to San Diego a couple summers ago to see my Sisters and that is certainly a beachy place.  Did I mention that I don't scrap chronologically?  Yeah, I do it more for the artistic pleasure of working with paper, ink and glue, then to create a history of my family's life.  But I figure someday, it'll all get done one way or another.  I'm rambling...see...tired Mommies that have worn every hat in their repetoire in the past week tend to ramble.
Let's see if I can locate a picture or two here....

There we go.  There's my cute parents.  I love this photograph of them with the ocean in the background.  You know, ocean waves are one of the most soothing sounds I've ever heard.  The shirt colors were perfectly lit up by the camera flash as the sun was setting into a darker background.  I wish I had taken this picture...but I can't take credit for it. 

On the blue circle, I attempted to capture the idea of ocean spray that leaves a leftover salty residue.  The Smooch Spritz seemed to do the trick pretty well.  I let it run down in a rivulet and then dried it quick.  The background paper I used was pretty heavily covered in pictures that if you're like me, don't like to cover up.  So here, I used my Swivel Exacto knife and cut out a portion of the palm tree so I could slide my circle in behind it.  For the part running over the edge of the circle, I used pop dots to give the illusion that the tree was far in front of my circle.  The edge of the blue circle and photo mat are ornamented with Liquid Pearls (Lemon Yellow used here).

And finally, I got a little border punch crazy at the bottom.  The top two are the Deep Edge Daisy Fan and the Doily Lace Trim punches by Martha Stewart.  The bottom two are from my handy, dandy packaging template that I traced onto the back and cut out.  I'll mention here that I grabbed my Copic markers and ran the edges of the Daisy Fan border. (C1, C3 and C5 on the inner parts of the fan and white inkssentials pen to highlight some of the edges).

Well...there is my nice, long, rambly post for today.  I'm sure I'll come back tomorrow, read it and laugh but that's the fun of this little thing we call life.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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