Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tis a nasty week...

Hi followers of this bit o' blog of mine.  I have not disappeared into the Etherland.  See that little itty, bitty profile of mine over there on the left hand side?  And see the part that says, Accountant by night?  Well, that plus it being tax week has contributed to two weeks of never-ending work.  I have barely been able to walk in my craft room, much less play.  So I most likely won't have anything new this week, unless I can squeak in a couple of crocheted flowers I've been trying.  (I work on those when I'm outside with the girls during the day).

Never fear, I have some more Pink Paislee goodness...Bayberry collection and more 365 Degrees.  I also have my spin on Basic Grey's Page Kit using the Green at Heart collection.  AND...I just got word from Tammy, at Lil' Lambs Boutique, that a package is on it's way lickety split to my house with some new Martha Stewart border punches AND some of the new Tim Holtz paper....swoon...swoon...swoon.  Keep half an eye out...and after I file my own extension (think...the cobbler's own family never has shoes), I'll jump right back into my layouts for some much needed stress relief.

ACH-OOO!!! (Oh yeah, and pollen is apparently not my friend at the moment)


  1. ((((Hugs))))) Glad oyu could come up for a moment of air!

  2. Please, please, please may I have your pattern for the crochet flowers? I've been trying these as well...with the limited success that my limited crochet ability allows thus far!

  3. Jeanne, this is the one I've been practicing with. I've tried yarn too thick and yarn too thin so far. Ha ha. So someday, I may find just the right yarn. The directions are very easy though. Here's the link to Lolly Chops blog:


  4. Oh my Jeanne, I didn't realize you were from "A Peaceful Day." What a pleasant surprise that you checked out my blog. Thanks.