Sunday, May 3, 2009

Treasure the Moments - More Details

I really, really enjoyed making this layout. The picture is of myself and my oldest daughter when she was only 2 months old. I treasure those peaceful moments we had together, where we could just sleep and I could smell her hair and listen to her breathe. So as promised, here are more detailed pictures of the gorgeous Basic Grey Wisteria paper kit I received from Lil' Lambs Boutique and a visual explanation of the transparency butterfly.

One of the easiest visual effects you can make, without using embellishments is adding dimension to your patterned paper. Here, if you'll notice I used my swivel exacto knife to cut around the edges of the top petals of each of the flowers, in the patterned paper at the bottom. I placed a piece of foam under each petal and slightly bent the edges. Instant dimension! Try it, you'll love the effect.

Here is my butterfly I created from a transparency sheet. The trails of the butterfly and the dragonfly are rub ons by Basic Grey.

There are many ways to acheive this same effect. This is how I did it. Not every ink type works well with transparencies. Solvent inks work best with the quickest drying time. If you only have pigment inks, don't worry you can use those too, you just need an extra step.

Take your stamp and coat it with your solvent ink pad and then press your image onto the transparency. This should dry pretty quickly. If you're in a particular hurry, you can use an embossing heat gun to dry it faster. Remember, do not hold the heat in one particular place for too long, or your transparency will melt. If you only have pigment inks, that's okay. You can still stamp your image and then pour some clear embossing powder over the image and emboss with your heat gun. This will seal the image onto the transparency.

After your image is dry, turn the transparency over to create your colors. I used Colorbox Chalk ink here because the color is saturated and intense. Again, if you use anything other than solvent type inks to color in your image, you may have to emboss it with clear embossing powder. After stamping the back of my image with the Wisteria Chalk ink, I embossed with clear powder and then cut out my image.

White pens, such as Ranger's Inkssentials White Opaque Pen do a wonderful job adding some highlighting details to your transparency. And it's as easy as that. You can bend the middle of the butterfly to have it pop up off your page or leave it flat. Either way you have a beautiful addition for your scrapbook page. Add a transparent delight to your next page or project.


  1. Such great techniques. I can't wait to try adding dimension to my patterned paper. Its sooo much easier than I thought. And the butterfly is incredible. Good use of my huge stash of transparencies I don't know what to do with! Keep up the great work. You are a natural blogger!

  2. thanks for sharing Cheryl ! love these techniques !