Monday, April 20, 2009

Enter the blogosphere at your own risk

So I have determined to conquer this world of blogging. Can I just say that coming up with a name alone just about turned all my hair gray. I actually stayed awake at night thinking about what to call this blog. And funnily enough after 2 sleepless nights and a final decision, I ended up changing it as soon as I saw it on paper. Go figure.

That's the great thing about scrapping. I'm a sketcher...a planner. It's pretty much a must before I start a layout, a card or a project. But as soon as I start creating, I can change it as I go along. In my accounting work....not too much can be creatively changed or I might find myself in a bit of hot water.

So here I am with my new blog. Can't wait to see how it will change as the months go by. I hope to get some of my latest projects and creations up soon. Header elements created using digital kit by NewLifeDreams.

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